Pecunia Treasury & Finance BV Takes Home TMI Award for Best Cash Management Advisory

In the world of Treasury, last Thursday was a big day for us at Pecunia Treasury & Finance BV. We won the TMI Award for Best Cash Management Advisory. This win is a big deal and shows how we’re leading the pack in finding smart ways to manage money.

Our winning project? It’s all about setting up an In-House Bank (IHB) to handle cash flows both in and out, while also sorting out payments between different parts of the company. This clever setup makes managing cash easier and helps the company make the most of its money. Furthermore, the integration of netting payments with IC loan positions introduces a layer of sophistication to cash management practices. By offsetting payables and receivables within the organization, Pecunia Treasury & Finance BV enables clients to optimize their cash positions

Why does this matter? Well, in today’s fast-moving business world, managing cash well is crucial. Our win shows we’re on the ball, helping businesses keep track of their money and make smarter decisions.

Our approach is all about making things simpler and smarter. By bringing all the cash stuff together in one place, companies can see exactly where their money is going and make better plans for the future. Plus, by sorting out payments between different bits of the company, we’re helping to save money and reduce risks.

Winning this award isn’t just a pat on the back for us at Pecunia Treasury & Finance BV. It’s a sign that we’re doing something right and leading the way in helping businesses manage their money better. And with this win under our belt, we’re sure to keep coming up with even more great ideas to help businesses succeed.

Also want an award winning Treasury setup ? contact us to discuss your treasury challenges. We love them.

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Patrick Kunz is the managing director of Pecunia Treasury & Finance and As an interim manager, Patrick has been with many companies in his career, he also acts as a treasury consultant for multinationals, SMEs, and non-profit organizations. Patrick holds a master's degree in international business and a post-doc degree in Financial Risk Management (FRM). Next to that Patrick is a charter holder for the qualified treasurer title.