Press Release: Pecunia Treasury and Finance and Treasury Delta form strategic alliance

Amsterdam – November 22, 2023 – Pecunia Treasury and Finance (Pecunia), a boutique treasury consultancy firm in The Netherlands, specialising in advising corporate clients on best practice in treasury risk management in the Benelux region, has partnered with Irish FinTech Treasury Delta.  Together, they will use digital technology to streamline and simplify corporate treasury transactions with banks and technology vendors.

Pecunia is a fast growing treasury consultancy firm and currently works with over forty treasury associates who are available for projects and promote Pecunia’s competitive service offering.  Pecunia specialises in Treasury Consultancy, Interim Management, Risk Advisory and Corporate Finance.  One of the key corporate treasury areas Pecunia wants to improve on relates to managing rfp type transactions.  These projects are very costly for corporate clients and treasury consultants given all the manual processes and numerous counterparties involved.  This is why Pecunia has decided to collaborate with Treasury Delta so that they can offer their consultancy services at a lower cost in a more efficient timeframe for their clients.

“A rfp is only the start of an improvement project.  The goal should be to finish the rfp as quick and efficient as possible whilst remaining transparent to all stakeholders in the rfp process and keeping it fair.  Treasury Delta’s technology will help Pecunia do rfps quicker, cheaper and more transparent for all internal and external parties involved.  The time and effort saved can be used to implement more efficiently and with greater diligence.  This is where the treasury consultant is going to add even more value to corporates.” Patrick Kunz, MD, Pecunia.

Treasury Delta’s niche platform brings considerable benefits to both buy-side and sell-side as their core theme is to eliminate friction on the customer journey using digital technology.  This saves both sides significant time and money especially when it comes to complex corporate treasury transactions that take many months to complete.

“Treasury Delta are delighted with this strategic alliance with Pecunia and through close collaboration and innovating together we can use digital technology to improve operational efficiency for all stakeholders involved in Pecunia’s treasury projects.” Padraig Brosnan, Founder and CEO.

“We’ve had a very close relationship with the Dutch over the last few years, ever since being selected by Startupbootcamp, a Dutch based venture capital firm, for one of their global FinTech accelerator programmes.  We now need to raise additional capital so that we can invest into the technology side of the business and capitalise on the market opportunity” Padraig added.

Pecunia sees the treasury consultancy world evolving dramatically over the next few years as digital innovation will play an even greater role in day-to-day operational tasks.  Embracing innovation and digitisation is at the cornerstone of Pecunia and we are very excited about this new partnership with Treasury Delta so that we can grow and scale our business.

Patrick Kunz is the managing director of Pecunia Treasury & Finance and As an interim manager, Patrick has been with many companies in his career, he also acts as a treasury consultant for multinationals, SMEs, and non-profit organizations. Patrick holds a master's degree in international business and a post-doc degree in Financial Risk Management (FRM). Next to that Patrick is a charter holder for the qualified treasurer title.