LinkedIn’s Top 10 Treasury Experts For Valuable Insights

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 treasury experts and thought leaders on social media.

Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve in the world of treasury management? Do you want to learn from the best and brightest in the industry? Perhaps you want to learn from the industry’s leading experts and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices. Look no further!

These influential professionals share valuable news, insights, experiences, and advice on all things treasury. Furthermore, these experts on the list share advice on a wide range of topics, including risk management, cash flow optimization, and more. So if you want to elevate your treasury game, be sure to follow these influencers and get valuable insights from the best in the business.

By following them, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and stay ahead of the competition. So if you want to take your treasury skills to the next level, don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best!

Treasury Expert #1 – TMI

With a strong editorial emphasis and a wide range of viewpoints, Treasury Management International (TMI) is a reputable and independent voice in the treasury community. TMI puts current, pragmatist solutions and strategic insights front and center, putting real-world experiences from practitioners at the center of the discussion. This content is beneficial for all practitioners, from seasoned treasurers and CFOs to those just entering the field. Founded in 1992, TMI has become a leading source of information for treasury professionals, providing them with the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to help them succeed in their roles.

Treasury Management International (TMI) has a strong influencer presence, with LinkedIn being the most popular platform, having just over 15,000 followers. They are active in their content and share their latest news and insights within the company, as well as pushing out industry-related content in the form of tweets, blogs, videos, podcasts, articles, etc. This is a great way to stay informed about the latest developments in the field.

TMI offers a variety of content and resources for treasury professionals, including news and analysis, research, and educational materials. As mentioned before, the company’s website is full of valuable content, including articles, tutorials, blogs, videos, webinars, and podcasts. Their content covers a wide range of topics, from risk management and cash flow forecasting to treasury technology and global payments. They’re slowly starting to expand their topics into other areas such as Crypto and DeFi. Not to mention, they recently even went as far as to implement their very own mobile app, just for their user’s convenience, going far and beyond is no exaggeration for TMI.

In addition to providing valuable content and resources, TMI also offers a range of services. These include consulting, training, and software solutions. TMI’s consulting services can help you develop a treasury strategy that is tailored to your organization’s needs. The company’s training services can help you stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in the field, and its software solutions can help you automate and streamline your treasury processes. If you’d like to see some interesting content from TMI, we have a recent article on our blog.

Treasury Expert #2 – Treasury Today

If you’re looking for an influencer who can provide you with up-to-date information on the latest trends in treasury management, then you need to follow Treasury Today on their blog or social media.

They have a strong influential presence on both the web and social media. Linkedin is their most active and popular platform with over 12,000 followers. Their profiles are managed by a diverse team of experienced treasury professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Founded in 1999, Treasury Today is a leading source of news, analysis, and insights on treasury and finance topics. In addition to providing updates and insights, Treasury Today also offers a range of services to help treasury professionals stay on top of their game. These services include training and certification programs, consulting services, and access to a range of tools and resources to help treasury professionals manage their operations more effectively.


Their blog is active and posts regularly about the latest news in the industry. Many topics include new regulations, market trends, and technology innovations, as well as advice and guidance on how to manage treasury and finance operations.


They host their very own podcast, which features interviews with leading treasury and finance experts to share their insights and perspectives, allowing viewers to consume a wide range of content relating to all things treasury and finance.

Products and services

Treasury today offers masterclasses, case studies, training courses, and workshops to help treasury and finance professionals stay relevant to the latest news, trends, and developments. The team even provides tailored advice to help businesses optimize their treasury and finance operations.

The team also hosts a range of events, such as webinars, seminars, events, and conferences. These events provide a great opportunity for treasury and finance professionals to network and learn from industry experts.


Treasury Today is also a platform for users to connect with one another and share their experiences and knowledge. Through the account, treasury professionals can access a variety of resources, including webinars, podcasts, and articles to help them stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry.

Treasury Expert #3 – ACT (

The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT), also known as, is an international professional body that provides support and resources to corporate treasurers around the world. It is the leading global network for corporate treasurers, providing them with access to the latest news, magazine, research, and professional development opportunities.

The ACT was Founded in 1979 and is based in London, England. They are a non-profit organization that is governed by a board of directors and is supported by a team of professional staff. The ACT is a member of the International Association of Corporate Treasurers (IACT) and is affiliated with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). They are dedicated to providing their members with the resources and support they need to succeed in their roles as corporate treasurers.


The ACT has a strong presence on LinkedIn, where it has over 18,000 followers. The organization’s LinkedIn page is a great resource for members and non-members alike, offering a range of content related to corporate treasury and finance. The page is regularly updated with news, insights, and events related to the profession. It also provides users with access to exclusive resources, such as webinars, podcasts, and research papers. The LinkedIn page is a great way to stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry. It is also a great platform for users to connect with each other and share their experiences and knowledge. The page also provides users with the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field, as well as to learn about upcoming events and job opportunities.


The website is organized into several sections, including a library of resources, a discussion forum, and a blog. The blog is updated regularly with news, tips, and advice from industry experts, and as for the library of resources, it contains a wealth of information on topics such as treasury management, cash management, risk management, and more. The discussion forum is a great place to ask questions and get advice, discuss topics and share ideas from other treasurers and financial professionals which is another avenue to stay connected and to provide value to each other. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started in the field, is a great resource for everyone.


The ACT is dedicated to providing its members with the assistance and tools they require to be successful in their responsibilities as corporate treasurers. Members of the organization get access to a variety of services and resources, including professional development opportunities, access to the most recent news and research, networking opportunities, and a variety of publications. The ACT is also committed to promoting best practices in corporate treasury and finance, as well as assisting its members in staying current on industry trends. The ACT provides a range of services and resources to its members, including:

  • Professional development opportunities, such as conferences, seminars, and workshops
  • Access to the latest news and research on treasury and finance topics
  • Networking opportunities with other corporate treasurers
  • Access to a range of publications, including the ACT’s quarterly magazine
  • Access to the ACT’s online library of resources
  • Access to the ACT’s online discussion forums
  • Access to the ACT’s online job board
  • Access to the ACT’s online store

The ACT provides a range of qualifications and certifications for corporate treasurers, including the ACT’s Certificate in Treasury Management, the ACT’s Diploma in Treasury Management, and the ACT’s Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management. These qualifications are recognized by employers and financial institutions around the world.

Treasury Expert #4 – The European Association of Corporate Treasurers

The European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) is an international professional association that represents the interests of corporate treasurers and finance professionals. It is the largest professional body of its kind in Europe and provides a range of services and resources to members.

The EACT is dedicated to promoting best practices, providing education and training, and advocating for the interests of corporate treasurers and finance professionals. The EACT’s main content, resources, and services consist of the following:

  • Members
  • Articles
  • Knowledge Hub 
  • Initiatives 
  • News
  • Events
  • Videos

The organization was founded in 2002 and now gathers 24 member associations from 19 European Union countries, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Russia. They bring together about 14,000 members representing 6,500 groups/companies.

The European Association of Certified Treasurers (EACT) is a professional association for treasury and finance professionals. It provides members with access to a range of resources, qualifications, and events. The EACT is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of professional practice in treasury and finance.

  • Representation: The EACT represents corporate treasurers and seeks to influence regulatory and other initiatives within the European Union and internationally, wherever they may impact how treasurers operate to reduce financial risks and create sustainable value for their companies
  • Promotion: Our association promotes the corporate treasury profession and seeks to constantly enhance the perception of its strategic value to the real economy.
  • Development: We also support the professional development of treasurers in their National Treasury Associations, through knowledge sharing, access to training, promotion of best practices, and encouragement to continuously upgrade their skills.
  • Networking: Our 14,000 treasury professionals connect through National Treasury Associations events, conferences, webinars, social networks, and the annual EACT Summit.

EACT events and summits

The EACT organizes the EACT Summit each year as a significant event to foster networking and thought leadership in our professional community. It transcends regional boundaries and acknowledges and celebrates the variety of the National Treasury Associations. In March 2017, the inaugural Summit was held close to Brussels. These special gatherings are attended by 150 top treasury professionals and up-and-coming leaders who have been invited by the national associations. Beyond the conference, they all appreciate the special discussion forums and interactions designed to influence treasury management trends in the future. A newsletter is published following the event to disseminate the results of these encounters.

Treasury Expert #5 – The Treasury Recruitment Company

A specialized treasury recruiting firm, The Treasury Recruitment Company, also known as, places treasury professionals at all levels, from Treasury Analysts to Treasurer. Established in 2002, they have a solid track record of working with customers to create specialized solutions while utilizing contingent, exclusive, and retained search approaches. Working together with corporate and professional services customers in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, the Far East, and Australasia, The Treasury Recruitment Company manages the permanent, contract, and interim roles across the global treasury market.

The Treasury Recruitment Company has a strong presence on LinkedIn to promote its services and connect with potential clients, with a little under 7000 followers and a growing network of connections. Their profile page is full of useful information about their services, including job postings, company news, and industry and career insights.

They post job postings and other relevant information about their services, and they also use their page to engage with their followers. They often post polls and surveys to get feedback from their followers, and they also use their page to host virtual events and webinars.

The Treasury Recruitment Company is more than just a brand, they offer a range of services to help employers find the right candidate for their treasury roles. These services include a comprehensive list of job postings, resume reviews, background checks, and reference checks, as well as the ability to post job openings and search for qualified candidates, etc. Moreover, employers can use the website to post job descriptions and search for suitable candidates, this greatly benefits both job seekers and employers. can also provide advice on salary and benefits packages, and last but not least, career advice and guidance.

To elaborate further, it doesn’t stop there, they continue to offer a range of resources to help job seekers prepare for their job search. This includes a comprehensive list of job search tips, podcasts, a template library, testimonials, advice on how to write a winning resume, and a list of the most common interview questions. Other resources for treasury professionals include webinars, white papers, and case studies. Additionally, the website provides a range of tools to help job seekers find the right job, such as job alerts and job search agents.

Treasury Recruitment ( is a leading online resource for treasury recruitment and job opportunities. It is the go-to destination for those seeking to find a career in the treasury sector.

Treasury Expert #6 – EuroFinance

The top provider of risk, cash management, and treasury services and solutions worldwide is EuroFinance. Their motto and bio “The leading global provider of treasury, cash management and risk conferences, training, and research” can be summed up with just that statement alone. With thirty years of expertise, their goal is to enlist the most brilliant minds and powerful voices in treasury.

Their core services and resources include: 

  • Events
  • Training
  • Treasury newsroom
  • Insights and research
  • Webinars
  • Awards

Founded in 1992, they have grown to run more than 50 events worldwide, EuroFinance allows treasurers and CFOs to exchange innovative strategies, best practices, and expert opinions. Every year, EuroFinance conducts in-depth interviews with more than 2,000 corporate treasurers to gain a thorough understanding of the trends and advancements in cash management and treasury, as well as a global perspective.

They have an unmatched worldwide perspective and a unique insight into the trends and developments within the profession thanks to our in-depth research with 1,000 corporate treasury professionals each year. Some of their strengths and achievements include: 

  • From Sao Paulo to Shanghai, they speak with more than 1,000 treasurers each year, providing us with an unparalleled perspective on world trends.
  • In-depth research with corporate treasurers was used to develop all information. Because of this, those who want to learn how to handle their treasury operations more effectively can turn to us as a reliable and current resource.
  • The audience’s age is one of the main factors that set them apart from other Treasury events. Some of the most important decision-makers and influencers in the industry make time to attend.
  • A rigorous selection process is used to hire treasury and economic professionals. You gain access to world-class practices by listening to the wise counsel of people at the top who has compelling experiences to share.

EuroFinance is an active presence on social media, using its platforms to engage with its customers, promote its services, and share industry insights. Their profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular, while also leveraging other platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

  • On LinkedIn, EuroFinance has a community group where they share news and updates about their services, as well as industry insights and tips for managing finances. They also use LinkedIn to promote their events and conferences and to connect with potential customers and partners.
  • On Twitter, EuroFinance shares news and updates about their services, as well as industry insights and tips for managing finances. They also use Twitter to promote their events and conferences and to engage with their followers.
  • On Facebook, EuroFinance shares news and updates about their services, as well as industry insights and tips for managing finances.
  • On YouTube, EuroFinance has a channel where they share videos about their services, as well as industry insights and tips for managing finances. They also use YouTube to promote their events and conferences and to showcase their customer success stories.

Treasury Expert #7 – Treasury & Risk

First and foremost, Treasury & Risk is an ALM publication. CFOs, treasurers, risk managers, and controllers can get the data and insights they need from Treasury & Risk to help guide their businesses to succeed in a challenging economic environment. Treasury & Risk is a dependable source of information as they cover regulatory changes, economic trends, best practices, business success stories, and practical solutions.

Treasury and Risk provide a wealth of information including news, reports, blogs, awards, events, webcasts, podcasts, and even a resource center. They also have active social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

However, they thrive most on LinkedIn where they invested most of their efforts into a listed group that first started in August 2010. They welcome you to their LinkedIn Group, their goal is to provide a forum for open, insightful conversations on topics of interest and relevance to the financial community.

Treasury Expert #8 – The Global Treasurer

Founded in 1996, the company size has grown between 11-50 employees. Over 40,000 treasury, finance, payments, and cash management professionals worldwide use The Global Treasurer, a product of the Contentive group. Subscribers get access to an archive of more than 9,000 treasury articles, special reports, commentaries, research, polls, news, webinars, and whitepapers with a worldwide emphasis through The Global Treasurer, which is updated daily online.

Those who sign up are given free access to and our twice-weekly e-Newsletter, and we protect the privacy of our readers by never selling names or email addresses.

The editorial staff of Global Treasurer invites industry experts to share their knowledge on important topics facing treasury and finance professionals, such as risk management, the pursuit of internal efficiencies, regulatory changes, trends in the financial supply chain, and best practices in cash and liquidity management.

The professional opinions accessible on The Global Treasurer originate from the treasury departments of top businesses, banks, technology firms, governments, and specialized consultancies, and are guided by a number of valuable treasurer connections that help define our publication schedule. Additionally, the Global Treasurer collaborates closely with several subject matter specialists.

These leading industry experts know how to leverage social media to the fullest, it’s given them the opportunity to provide as much value worldwide to the financial space. Like most treasury influencers, platforms such as Twitter with 4,500 followers and LinkedIn having 7,200 followers are what suit them best for their viewers. If you’re looking for another reliable source of information, you can go wrong with The Global Treasurer.

Treasury Expert #9 – Strategic Treasurer

Top treasury consulting company Strategic Treasurer is well known for offering guidance and help with treasury and risk management technology deployment. They engage with corporate, governmental, educational, and non-profit organizations using consultants who have first-hand experience working alongside finance leaders.

Strategic Treasurer consultants are known not only for their expertise in the treasury space, but also for their responsiveness to client issues, thorough follow-through on each project, and general likability as temporary team members of the company’s staff.

They are a prominent source of insightful information for the treasury sector, putting out some of the best studies and papers on hot-button issues. They educate the market with several yearly reports, surveys, free webinars, podcasts, and treasury updates while speaking from experience. They make an effort to have a strong presence on social media, with Twitter and LinkedIn being primarily their main platforms for marketing exposure.

Treasury Expert #10 – TreasuryXL

Making connections is the heart and soul of TreasuryXL, which is perfect for someone like yourself who seeks relevance in the industry. Since 2016, TreasuryXL has served the worldwide treasury community as a daily learning hub, a unique source of news from industry insiders, and a space to engage with the top experts in our field. TreasuryXL is a Netherlands-based company that offers knowledge, shares practical news and commentary, publicizes job opportunities, and creates online events.

TreasuryXL aims to be a source of cutting-edge expertise. To do this, they depend on a broad selection of treasury experts, each with their own specialty. Their commitment to deepening the treasury expertise within our diverse audience means a daily involvement in treasury education and advocacy.

In close collaboration with our partners and subject-matter experts, TreasuryXL provides information, publishes useful news and analysis, advertises employment openings, and organizes online events. Their website, our highly read newsletter, and their sizable network of treasury professionals on LinkedIn with just over 4000 followers are used for this. Large corporations, medium-sized businesses, consultancies, academic institutions, and other treasury-related organizations are among the audiences for their thorough coverage of the industry.

Again, the community of treasuryXL is its greatest asset. TreasuryXL’s success is built on the responsiveness of its online community, which is always open to questions and new contributions. The community is welcoming and easy to approach, and their content is highly relevant to the everyday work of treasury. People in the community are ready to share news about crucial industrial advancements with one another. They also exchange information and expertise that is crucial to the daily operations of treasury via LinkedIn and online events. Because of these factors, treasury professionals all across the world have grown to rely on treasuryXL as a vital resource.


In summary, staying informed with the top treasury thought leaders on social media is a crucial part of staying competitive and successful in the field of treasury management. These influential professionals share valuable insights, experiences, and advice on a wide range of topics, helping you stay ahead of the curve and learn from the best in the industry. For a quick recap, here are the top 10 treasury thought leaders, experts, and news channels on social media.

  1. TMI
  2. Treasury Today
  3. ACT (
  4. EACT
  5. The Treasury Recruitment Company
  6. EuroFinance
  7. Treasury & Risk
  8. The Global Treasurer
  9. Strategic Treasurer
  10. TreasuryXL

By following them, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and become a valuable professional in your field. Not to mention, the industry will recognize you as a respected, trusted, like-minded member of many different communities. So, if you want to take your treasury skills to the next level, be sure to follow these top 10 influencers and get valuable insights from the best in the business.

Patrick Kunz is the managing director of Pecunia Treasury & Finance and As an interim manager, Patrick has been with many companies in his career, he also acts as a treasury consultant for multinationals, SMEs, and non-profit organizations. Patrick holds a master's degree in international business and a post-doc degree in Financial Risk Management (FRM). Next to that Patrick is a charter holder for the qualified treasurer title.